Inside Pluscrates: May and June

In May 2015, for the first time, Belfast hosted the annual BAR conference in Belfast and the sell out event was hailed a success all round.  For the 3rd year in succession Pluscrates sponsored the ‘Commercial Mover of the Year’ which was won this year by Universal Commercial Relocation June has been a busy month here at Pluscrates. We had our two busiest days of the year at the Wembley branch and work across the country has been gradually building. It looks like the summer is here to stay. This time of year always brings a large quantity of work from schools and colleges and universities; this … Continue reading Inside Pluscrates: May and June

Welcome to Pluscrates Crate Hire on WordPress!

Hi, welcome to our new blog! We will feature blog post from our main website as well as the smaller, slightly less “official” posts. As we are a little late to the game on WordPress, we will add some of the older posted from our website that we think are interesting; such as when Pluscrates Crate Hire helped a 200 million year old customer visit the seaside 🙂 If you would like to get in contact with us about our services then please do so through our website as that is the best way to reach us and get … Continue reading Welcome to Pluscrates Crate Hire on WordPress!